Girls in STEM partnered with Ellevate to provide our high school members with a one night Mocktail Social Networking event, where they had an opportunity to meet, socialize and network with the amazing ladies of Ellevate. The high school girls participated in networking workshops and put their newly learned skills in action through small group networking exercises.

A group of young women pursuing high school coursework in science, technology, engineering and math visited the Denver offices of ViaSat. They met with female engineers and other professionals who showed they around and spoke to them about how they could use their education to pursue careers in technology.

Field Trips

Students were able to create their own dropsondes to drop into a wind tunnel at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder

Field trips are an important part of the exploration process for our members. It allows them to see professionals in action and participate in hands-on activities that immerse them in the industry. Our previous field trips have included Google, NCAR, ViaSat, Microsoft, Keysight, MSU Forensic Lab, and Keystone Science School. We offer field trips for both middle school and high school girls.

Round-Table Discussions

We use round-table discussions to give our members the opportunity to engage with professionals from various industries in a more intimate setting. The goal is for members to make a personal connection with the women presenting and perhaps see themselves in that industry. Our topics have ranged from Meteorology (pictured above) to Minorities in STEM. We have also welcomed a Forensics expert and a professional from Raytheon. We offer round table discussions for both high school and middle school students.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing at Microsoft

For our high school members, we set up job shadowing experiences in the industries of their choice. This helps our high school students gain some experience before they attend college and allows to make a more personal connection with a professional in that industry. We hope this will lead to internship opportunities in college and more networking opportunities for our members.



I enjoy this program so much, they (ViaSat Inc.) brought in raspberry pi computers and we got to play around with programming them. I had never even heard of them before but the experience was so amazing that I’m asking for one as a Christmas gift, it’s one of the only things on my list!
— Beth, Student at North Arvada Middle School