Cardiology on Valentine's Day!

Today we met two pediatricians, Rebecca Johnson-Paben and Sarah Green, who talked about what kicked off their interest in medicine, the steps they took in order to go into medicine, and their current specialties and activities in the medical field. They spent a lot of time answering questions because there were a significant amount of hands raised!

The speakers also asked the students what they could do to be better providers. There were a lot of responses, but in essence the students voiced how they wanted equality among patients and the time to be taken to really understand the patient and their needs.

Afterwards, we measured the impact of exercising on one's heart rate. The girls learned how to measure their own heart rate and graph the changes after various activities like walking or sprinting.

Biomedical Engineering

During this meeting, our members had the chance to meet Michelle Mellenthin, a Biomedical Engineer and and Post-Doctorate Researcher at CU Denver’s Smith Lab. The group learned how to spot diseased cells in mice and to fold their own origami microscope to observe various samples from the lab. Michelle spoke about her background and current plans in biomedical engineering. It ranged from her volunteer project done in a developing country to create a filtering system for a village's river to innovating pieces that aid in surgical processes, specifically airway surgeries in her case. The participants appreciated Michelle’s talking about intersections between jobs, about how people see Engineers as math and physics people, but that is interconnected to other fields, such as medicine.

Digital Graphic Design

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Today we had the pleasure of meeting Justine Henderson, a Denver-based designer and photographer. We got to hear her inspiring story and were introduced to some of her amazing work.

Now we will explore the intersection of graphic design and technology first-hand, using digital design tools to create our very own business cards!


Activity Instructions:

  1. Sign up at using your school Google account. You can ignore all the bluish-purple pages that appear after you first sign up. Just move on to the next step.

  2. After signing up, click here to open the Beginner's Challenge. This will show you how to use Canva’s tools and features.

  3. Once you’ve done the Beginner’s Challenge, click the Canva logo at the top left to return to the main page. On the main page:

    • Click Create a design

    • Choose Business Card

  4. Now design a business card that represents you! Be sure to include:

    • front and back design. Click +Add a new page at the bottom to add a second canvas for the other side.

    • Your name and a creative title for yourselfCat Lover, Math Lover, Slime Queen, Future Neuroscientist, etc...

    • Check out some examples here

Want actual copies of your business card?

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 1.50.20 PM.png
  1. Click Share at the top and enter this email address: (that’s 3 m’s).

  2. Make sure it says Invite people to edit

  3. Click Send invites

You may continue to work on your design until Sunday, Nov. 25. After that Michelle will print the cards and bring them to our next meeting in December!

Forensic Chemistry

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Today we met Lynn Riemer, an experienced forensic chemist, illicit drug expert, community advocate and prior member of the North Metro Drug Task Force in Colorado.

We learned about the major role chemistry plays in solving crimes, by experimenting in our own version of a crime lab. In order to correctly identify an unknown “mystery powder” we first observed reactions between commonly known powders and various liquid solutions. Using the same liquids on the mystery powder, we were able to determine its contents based on the earlier observations.

Kicking off 2018-19

We had a blast meeting each other and collaborating on Trashin’ Fashion – designing with upcycled materials in the spirit of creativity and innovation!


Meet your chapter leader


Julianna Oviedo is a third year undergraduate at the University of Colorado Denver. She is majoring in Biochemistry and is on a pre-medicine track. She is currently researching in two different labs – one dealing with growing and treating prostate cancer cells under different conditions, and the other working with proteins involved in insulin secretion. Julianna has interned at multiple STEM-related facilities such as Lockheed Martin and the University of Colorado Hospital, and she hopes to encourage more girls to pursue STEM pathways as well as see them develop into confident women who aren’t afraid to fulfill their aspirations.