Environmental Engineering

Last month, we were joined by three women engineers from Arcadis, a leading design & engineering firm that works with natural and built assets all over the globe. We learned about their individual journeys through STEM and the work they do now helping other companies prevent damage and clean up accidents in the environment.

The engineers challenged us to design and create our own water remediation systems using a water bottle and different types of filtering substances. We tested many different versions of our filters with contaminated water, tracked the cost of materials, and put together a proposal – just like they would do for a potential client.

Then one week later, we got to visit the Arcadis offices in person!

There, we met five more women engineers who each shared their background and engineering projects. We learned about microbes that eat harmful chemicals, energy conservation at a water treatment plant in Atlanta, vacuums that suck contaminants out of the soil, environmentally-friendly mining, and how engineers work together to make it all happen.

It was an inspiring, eye-opening field trip that helped us better understand what it really means to be an engineer.

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