Today we talked with Michelle Lim about her experiences as a web developer and freelance business owner. We also learned about "web apps" and how they work, including the difference between "front-end" (client) and "back-end" (server) development.

To illustrate this, we played with some data from by fetching GIFs directly from their servers and displaying them in our own front-end program. Our program requested GIFs through Giphy's API, and used them to generate a one-of-a-kind music video in a web browser.

music video experiment 2.gif

We then explored another, very practical use of programming - the need and algorithm for barcode validation through a checksum.

>> Spot the bug in this code: Barcode Checksum Program

Hint: Even if you have never coded before, you should still be able to spot it by knowing this algorithm.

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