Bioengineering & Assistive Technologies

Today we welcome Dr. Cathy Bodine, a Professor of Bioengineering at CU Denver and an internationally recognized leader in the field of assistive technology!

What I love about my job...

"I work with an amazing group of faculty and staff who focus on technology for people with disabilities. We help people who may not be able to walk, talk, use their hands or have cognitive problems be successful through the use of technology.  The future of technology and disability is really exciting and we know what needs to be done.  My primary job is to make sure the resources are available to accomplish our goals.  My second job is to get out of the way so our faculty and staff can do what they need to do. Our team is phenomenal!"

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Learning about Socially Assistive Robots!

We had the chance to experience using and programming communication devices for speech assistance.