February 9th Meeting: Civil Engineering & Bioengineering Project 2/2

Lily Garcia, a Civil Engineer for Black & Veatch, spoke about her career. She opened by discussing how she chose her major, and then spoke about what she does as a Water Engineer at Black & Veatch. Not only did she touch on what her job consists of, she also spoke about the water cycle - how we take water from a natural source, make it clean to drink and dispose of sewage.

Also, this week the girls reviewed their designs from last time and used associated ASHRAE material to determine if their incubators were well insulated.

The teams came up with really unique designs for their Incubators. One group exceeded creativity by using car tires as insulation and then covering the incubator with old jeans to make the incubator look more TSA friendly, like the project required.

This was a great hands-on experience!

January 12th: Bioengineering Project. Drinking Water Testing Incubator Project 1/3

During the first quarter of this year, the members at our South Metro High School chapter have been working on mimicking a real life project originally developed by the Bioengineering Lab at CU Anschutz with the goal to provide safe drinking water to communities in the Trifinio region in Guatemala where children have experienced low growth and people have died due to drinking unsafe water. The girls have had the opportunity of asking specific questions and learn intricate details about an international experience from the hand of Mandy Perras, our partner for the South Metro chapter, who was part of the team that developed and tested this project in Guatemala.

The design of the project is divided in 3 learning & design units:

  1. Enclosure

  2. Energy

  3. Control System

During the January session, the girls explored different materials. They created sketches in their phone to track and analyze the possibilities of their choices based on the set constraints: The box had to be lightweight and fit in a carry-on suitcase and the whole thing had to be easily replicated in another country.

Stay tune to see how the girls solve these problems!