Medical Field Trip

Exploring a career in medicine is a member favorite!  We visited Mountain Vista OBGYN on Feb. 16th to meet 3 amazing, passionate Doctors providing women's health care; Dr. Newell, Dr. Nelson & Dr. Kumar.  We toured the office, explored an exam room including tools the doctors use everyday.  To top it off,  we met one of the doctor's unborn baby via ultrasound and used the heart monitor to hear the baby's heartbeat - amazing to say the least!

The Doctors sat with us over lunch and shared their insight and stories of what we might consider when working towards our undergraduate degree, graduate degree, taking the MCAT and applying for residency.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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Engineering Field Trip

On February 6th we visited Burns & McDonnell and met professional women engineers and scientists working in the energy, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing and transportation industries - just to name a few!  Sometimes when we think about engineering we think about robotics and technology but it's so much more!  We learned what it means to improve the environment and water sources, improving manufacturing processes and efficiency, how buildings require civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers.

We were given a fun rover design challenge.  We built a prototype and then made modifications to see how much load it could carry and how far it could go.  We learned a little about the engineering process.  Sometimes we find out what we think is the obvious design modification doesn't always work the way you think - design and engineering is an iterative process!

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Learn more about Burns & McDonnell Here

Forensic Engineering

Today we assembled in the "SYNK" Room at the local STEM HS in Highlands Ranch to talk about Forensic Engineering.  We interacted with a panel of professional engineers and scientists who are working in this exciting industry and how their investigative work applies across multiple industries; i.e. consumer electronics, healthcare, food & beverage, etc.  The panel also shared what a typical day might look like for each of them including; field investigation, lab work and being an expert witness in a court of law - exciting!

Meet the Panel

Josie Nusz - Denver, CO

Nicoli Ames - Denver, CO

Sarah Easley - Menlo Park, CA

Myra Dyer - Atlanta, GA

Susan Bomba - Oakland, CA

Jericho Moll - Boston, MA


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Coding Seminar

First, let's take the temperature of the room:

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University of Denver (DU) Campus Tour & Panel Discussion

We had so much FUN touring the University of Denver (DU) campus and getting a sneak peek into the life of a DU college student.  

We also met 4 intelligent and accomplished young women who are in their 2nd & 3rd year of studies at DU.  These young women shared invaluable information about navigating college life in balance with a STEM major.  If you would like to follow-up with any of these amazing ladies, their emails are as follows:



Maddie Nilan:

Toni Dunlap:

Hannah Eslinger:

Lets talk about the "M" in STEM!

Thank you Allison Lewis (OppenheimerFunds) for sharing your story with us!  We enjoyed hearing about what a career in business and finance looks like and having you launch our Investment Activity for the fall semester.  Teams are as follows:

Team 1:  Madison + Grace + Neisha + Ryan

Team 2:  Lillian + Sabine + Joanne + Lexus

Team 3:  Sravani + Emma + Anastasia + Ashley

Team 4:  Kathryn + Haylee + Melanie + Callan + Maydha

Team 5:   Alana + Adriana + Ava + Valaire + Azra

HS Members, you should have received the Investment Activity Document and Trading Form at the meeting.  These forms have been emailed to you as well. 

Allison will be monitoring this blog to answer your questions so please take advantage of this tool!  You can also contact her directly at

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