March 20th Meeting: Bacteria

During this meeting one of our student officers, Joanne, presented on bacteria.

We swabbed our phones to cultivate bacteria cultures. (Yup!) The girls were then broken up into teams and went around the mall and swabbed various places to see which team could find the best bacteria. We will be observing the growth of our bacteria at our next chapter meeting.

The students liked the hands on activity and are excited to see how their bacteria is growing. They loved seeing one of their peers present on the topic and this helped engage the students.

February 9th Meeting: Civil Engineering & Bioengineering Project 2/2

Lily Garcia, a Civil Engineer for Black & Veatch, spoke about her career. She opened by discussing how she chose her major, and then spoke about what she does as a Water Engineer at Black & Veatch. Not only did she touch on what her job consists of, she also spoke about the water cycle - how we take water from a natural source, make it clean to drink and dispose of sewage.

Also, this week the girls reviewed their designs from last time and used associated ASHRAE material to determine if their incubators were well insulated.

The teams came up with really unique designs for their Incubators. One group exceeded creativity by using car tires as insulation and then covering the incubator with old jeans to make the incubator look more TSA friendly, like the project required.

This was a great hands-on experience!

January 12th: Bioengineering Project. Drinking Water Testing Incubator Project 1/3

During the first quarter of this year, the members at our South Metro High School chapter have been working on mimicking a real life project originally developed by the Bioengineering Lab at CU Anschutz with the goal to provide safe drinking water to communities in the Trifinio region in Guatemala where children have experienced low growth and people have died due to drinking unsafe water. The girls have had the opportunity of asking specific questions and learn intricate details about an international experience from the hand of Mandy Perras, our partner for the South Metro chapter, who was part of the team that developed and tested this project in Guatemala.

The design of the project is divided in 3 learning & design units:

  1. Enclosure

  2. Energy

  3. Control System

During the January session, the girls explored different materials. They created sketches in their phone to track and analyze the possibilities of their choices based on the set constraints: The box had to be lightweight and fit in a carry-on suitcase and the whole thing had to be easily replicated in another country.

Stay tune to see how the girls solve these problems!

December 8th Meeting

We celebrated the end of 2018 by making LED holiday cards which included learning about simple electrical circuits. There were some really creative card designs! To see more about this activity, click on this LINK

Also, everyone contributed items to assemble care packages for parents who are caring for their sick children in the hospital. Parents who are tending to their children don’t have time to care for themselves so these care packages will be distributed to help take care of those amazing parents. Thank you to Ashley S. (one of our Student Officers) and her mom for organizing this community project for us! These girls are making a difference!

November 10th Meeting

During this meeting members learned about the Linkedin platform and how it can be utilized as a tool to help build their personal brand to highlight special projects they have worked on in high school, work experience and volunteer experience which is particularly important for higher education scholarship consideration. Kim Medina, Admissions Director for Colorado School of Mines, joined the second half of our meeting and discussed the college application process and suggestions of what to include and what to avoid on college applications. Kim also shared information about their upcoming Girls Lead the Way event in February 2019 where students get to experience day in the life of a college student and pursuing a degree in STEM.


Field Trip to 3D Systems Healthcare on November 2nd

Our high school girls have been learning about the bioengineering industry throughout this fall semester and got an inside peek at a local bioengineering company located in Littleton; 3D Systems Healthcare. The girls learned about all the different types of 3D printers and how they are utilized to assist doctors with surgery and more. The girls also experienced a surgery simulator, laser printer and 3D haptics related to patient care. 3D Systems Healthcare is on the cutting edge of technology and changing the medical industry and patient care.

October 20th Meeting

This was our third member meeting. We did a quick review of the Design Process to catch everyone up. We had two amazing women, Teresa and Stacey, join our meeting. Both Teresa and Stacey utilize wheelchairs for mobility and Stacey brought her service dog. Teresa and Stacey provided information about their needs to be able to access a doggie treat dispenser and the girls shared their thoughts about their own designs and asked some great questions. This interactive conversation provided the girls with feedback to incorporate back into their designs. After the Q&A portion of the meeting, the Student Officers suggested and facilitated combining the smaller teams into a large group for collaboration and share ideas as they continue the design process. It was so great to see the girls energized and excited about the project after meeting Teresa & Stacey! Our mentors continue to help guide and answer questions as well. For access to the project outline and requirements, click on this: "Doggie Treat Dispenser". 

IMG_1296 (1).jpg

Thank you Teresa and Stacey (and Cavalier too) for joining us!

Field Trip to ViaSat Inc. on September 29th

The “Point & Peak” activity provided students an opportunity to connect the antennas (dish) on the ground and communicate with a working ViaSat satellite in space.

The “Point & Peak” activity provided students an opportunity to connect the antennas (dish) on the ground and communicate with a working ViaSat satellite in space.

High school girls visited Viasat Inc. last Friday for their annual Tech Trek event designed to provide a fun and engaging experience to explore STEM career opportunities within a prominent global communications company. Students enjoyed hands-on activities including "Point & Peak" (pictured here), binary bracelets and networking with the STEM professionals of ViaSat. Thank you to ViaSat for providing this event to excite the next generation of girls to consider a career in global communications!

September 22nd Meeting

This was our second member meeting. We shared where we are at with the project and some of the challenges encountered so far. We discussed slowing down the project and reviewing the Design Process and how to apply it to the Doggie Treat Dispenser project. Each team was provided with a handout to build a “blue print”. Our mentors brought a variety of materials to sift through to help each us determine what we might want to use for our dispenser. We continued to work on our designs to create a prototype and assess current design. For girls still in need of access to the project outline and requirements, click on this: "Doggie Treat Dispenser". 

Design process Diagram (1).png

The Design Process is an Iterative Process

NOTE: A second mentor workshop available for students on October 11th; email sent with additional information.

Next meeting is October 20th from 10:30am-noon at the Microsoft Store - Park Meadows. We will continue to work on our prototypes and consider mechanical and electronic control options.

Kick-Off 2018-19

It was so great to see familiar faces from last year and all the new faces joining our high school chapter this year!  We spent some time getting to know each other and then dove right into our Assistive Technology Project to design a "Doggie Treat Dispenser".  This project was presented as a 3-Phase project structured to provide a good understanding of what bioengineering encompasses in a fun, creative way.



Mandy Perras discussing her undergraduate degree in bioengineering






Meet our Professionals

MS/BS Bioengineering Student:  Mandy Perras; LinkedIN profile

Family Physician and Population Health Practitioner:  Alicen Nelson; LinkedIN profile

Meet our Mentors

Vanessa Martin-Wegryn - Mechanical Engineer

Emily Jaeger - Civil Engineer

Kamee Florendo - Mechanical Engineer

Kristi Steinhilber - Meteorologist


Team 1




Team 2





Team 3





Team 4





Team 5







Medical Field Trip

Exploring a career in medicine is a member favorite!  We visited Mountain Vista OBGYN on Feb. 16th to meet 3 amazing, passionate Doctors providing women's health care; Dr. Newell, Dr. Nelson & Dr. Kumar.  We toured the office, explored an exam room including tools the doctors use everyday.  To top it off,  we met one of the doctor's unborn baby via ultrasound and used the heart monitor to hear the baby's heartbeat - amazing to say the least!

The Doctors sat with us over lunch and shared their insight and stories of what we might consider when working towards our undergraduate degree, graduate degree, taking the MCAT and applying for residency.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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Engineering Field Trip

On February 6th we visited Burns & McDonnell and met professional women engineers and scientists working in the energy, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing and transportation industries - just to name a few!  Sometimes when we think about engineering we think about robotics and technology but it's so much more!  We learned what it means to improve the environment and water sources, improving manufacturing processes and efficiency, how buildings require civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers.

We were given a fun rover design challenge.  We built a prototype and then made modifications to see how much load it could carry and how far it could go.  We learned a little about the engineering process.  Sometimes we find out what we think is the obvious design modification doesn't always work the way you think - design and engineering is an iterative process!

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Learn more about Burns & McDonnell Here

Forensic Engineering

Today we assembled in the "SYNK" Room at the local STEM HS in Highlands Ranch to talk about Forensic Engineering.  We interacted with a panel of professional engineers and scientists who are working in this exciting industry and how their investigative work applies across multiple industries; i.e. consumer electronics, healthcare, food & beverage, etc.  The panel also shared what a typical day might look like for each of them including; field investigation, lab work and being an expert witness in a court of law - exciting!

Meet the Panel

Josie Nusz - Denver, CO

Nicoli Ames - Denver, CO

Sarah Easley - Menlo Park, CA

Myra Dyer - Atlanta, GA

Susan Bomba - Oakland, CA

Jericho Moll - Boston, MA


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Coding Seminar

First, let's take the temperature of the room:

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Tell us in the comments:

What problem would you try to solve through an original app? How would it work?

Code challenge:

Write a program that asks for a number (integer) and tells you if it's negative, positive, or zero. Post the link to your solution in the comments below!

University of Denver (DU) Campus Tour & Panel Discussion

We had so much FUN touring the University of Denver (DU) campus and getting a sneak peek into the life of a DU college student.  

We also met 4 intelligent and accomplished young women who are in their 2nd & 3rd year of studies at DU.  These young women shared invaluable information about navigating college life in balance with a STEM major.  If you would like to follow-up with any of these amazing ladies, their emails are as follows:



Maddie Nilan:

Toni Dunlap:

Hannah Eslinger:

Lets talk about the "M" in STEM!

Thank you Allison Lewis (OppenheimerFunds) for sharing your story with us!  We enjoyed hearing about what a career in business and finance looks like and having you launch our Investment Activity for the fall semester.  Teams are as follows:

Team 1:  Madison + Grace + Neisha + Ryan

Team 2:  Lillian + Sabine + Joanne + Lexus

Team 3:  Sravani + Emma + Anastasia + Ashley

Team 4:  Kathryn + Haylee + Melanie + Callan + Maydha

Team 5:   Alana + Adriana + Ava + Valaire + Azra

HS Members, you should have received the Investment Activity Document and Trading Form at the meeting.  These forms have been emailed to you as well. 

Allison will be monitoring this blog to answer your questions so please take advantage of this tool!  You can also contact her directly at

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