Summer Coding Camp Highlights

Girls is STEM was thrilled to be able to provide this low-cost camp ($25 for two days) in partnership with uCodeGirl through a grant from the National Girls Collaborative Project.

This was a wonderful opportunity for middle school girls to build confidence and learn how to code in Scratch without any prior experience. Each student was able to create something personal and meaningful while applying universal computational thinking concepts in their projects. Along the way, we got to know each other and help each other out. And on the last day, every single girl got up and presented her work in front of her teachers and peers.

Variations on a Jukebox. Made from scratch, with Scratch!

Variations on a greeting card. Made from scratch, with Scratch!

Did you know? Scratch is a "Turing complete" programming language, which means it has the ability to execute any possible algorithm.

Before diving into the code, however - students got a thorough introduction to the history of computer science (including plenty of inspiring women) and what it's like to be in the software industry today. We then took some time to reflect on our goals and interests by visualizing them on a dream board:

We also practiced collaborative problem-solving and communication — crucial skills for successful software development — by working together to untangle messy human knots:

At the end of camp, each girl was awarded an official certificate of completion, and we celebrated our new friendships and accomplishments!

Special thanks to Betty Gronneberg, founder of uCodeGirl, who travelled from North Dakota to teach this camp.