Wearable Tech

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Today we got to meet two amazing ladies from Boulder: Emily Platzer, a senior software engineer at ConnectedFi, and Janet Hollingsworth, a civil engineer and woodworker who runs the BLDG 61 makerspace at Boulder Public Library. Emily spoke to us about her career as a software engineer and leading teams of engineers, as well as her many hobbies which include tinkering with Raspberry Pis, making her own clothes, and competitive yarn spinning!

Emily and Janet brought their passions to us in the form of a fun and challenging project. We each made our very own light-activated bracelets using leather, conductive thread, a coin cell battery, sewable LED, and photoresistor. The photoresistor detects the presence of light and allows more current to pass through the LED based on the amount of light it detects. If the photoresister does not come into contact with any light, it cuts off the circuit keeping the LED off.