Tech Challenge: Kick-Off & Ideation Phase


Today we met the amazing Dr. Cathy Bodine, a Bioengineer and Assistive Technology Partner at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus.

She showed us how her team creates assistive technologies for clients with severe disabilities, and shared some of the unique projects and challenges they have worked on.

Then, Dr. Cathy told us about a new client, a boy with muscular dystrophy who loves to paint (and is quite good!). But he can only move his hands in a 2 inch range of motion, so someone always has to be there to move the paper for him while he paints. This is quite frustrating for him, as you can imagine.


Design a table that allows him to paint independently.


  • Moveable platform to hold paper
  • Must move page in four directions (XY axes)
  • Must not impede use of right hand
  • Must be able to operate with head movements

We kicked off this challenge by learning about the User-Centered Design process, and had a brainstorming session to generate ideas.