To Engineer or not to... Yes to Engineer!


Recently, the young women at DSST College View High School welcomed Alejandra Spray, a civil engineer who spoke about her professional experience and her job in construction, working primarily in marketing and business development. She told us about the opposition she faced from her family (despite her father being an engineer himself!) when she decided she wanted to pursue engineering as a student in Mexico, and how she overcame this and went on to earn her degree in Civil Engineering.

We talked about all of the various types of engineering, and that it's possible to pursue a general engineering major initially in college, before deciding on a path to take toward a specialized area. We also discussed how a degree in engineering teaches problem-solving skills that can be applied across various areas. Ale also emphasized the importance of having women in engineering roles, and about the unique skills and perspectives they bring to the table.

The girls were very engaged with Ale, and had lots of questions, so much that there was no time for the planned activity!