Digital Graphic Design

Today we got to explore the intersection of graphic design and technology, using digital design tools to create our own business cards. Then we met Justine Henderson, a Denver-based designer and photographer, who inspired us with her story and career.

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Activity Instructions:

First, sign up at through Google (your school account)

This will bring you to the Beginner's Challenge. Once you have completed the Beginner's Challenge, try these other tutorials:

Once you've got the hang of those, click the Canva logo at the top left to return to main page and click Create a design. Then choose Business Card.


Now design a business card that represents you! Be sure to include:

  • A front and back design. Click +Add a new page at the bottom to add a second canvas for the other side.

  • Your name and a creative title for yourselfCat Lover, Math Lover, Slime Queen, Future Neuroscientist, etc...

  • Check out some examples here

Today we will meet Justine Henderson, a Denver-based designer and photographer. Here's her business card for inspiration 💖