Complete your # missions and get a Girls in STEM Denver kit!

Complete your # missions and get a Girls in STEM Denver kit!



Start by taking some vitamins. Make sure you get 8hrs of sleep. Eat some turkey and pie. And GET READY TO WORK YOUR HARDEST between November 16 and November 27!

Mission 1

Share the news about your role as an ambassador for #GSTEMDenverEOYGiving Campaign.

Take this opportunity to solicit $1 donations on Facebook. Try to get everyone you know to post about the campaign—if people have similar friends, it will flood Facebook feeds and make it look like a popular campaign. Even though you’re asking for a small donation, people almost always give more.You can easily use it our sample message an email blast too.

Sample message, HERE.


Mission 2

Encourage Supporters to Create Fundraisers for Girls in STEM Denver

With this link, people will be able to easily create a fundraiser for Girls in STEM Denver to be completed November 27, #GivingTuesday. Share it with supporters and encourage them to help you raise money on Facebook. Make sure they know that it is a good idea to start soliciting a small amount, for example: $200.

Mission 3

Request a poster and hang it in your favorite hangout spot.

Yes, this can be also be your office, workspace, or (public) study room. Need inspiration to ask permission to do so? HERE is a sample message.

Mission 4

Find donors, other ambassadors, and partners to match donations for #GivingTuesday

Download our sample letter, HERE.

You can easily use it in as a script for calls that, according to the latest marketing research, work better than emails.

Track the people and companies as you contact them, here. [LINK TO GOOGLE DRIVE SPREADSHEET]

Mission 5

Update your signature

Personalize your emails and let your contacts know about your important mission. Download a cool image to add to your emails, HERE.

Images and Sample Messages

Use the sample messages and links below in email, social media, and on your website to spread the word to friends, potential donors, peers, and anyone in your network.