TECHNOLOchicas, AiC, NCWIT in the house!

Jannie Fernandez, NCWIT K-12 Alliance & TECHNOLOchicas Director (third, left to right), with the members of our DSST College View High School Chapter.

Jannie Fernandez, NCWIT K-12 Alliance & TECHNOLOchicas Director (third, left to right), with the members of our DSST College View High School Chapter.

The girls at College View HS were completely engaged in this session led by Jannie Fernandez, NCWIT Director K-12 Alliance and TECHNOLOchicas, who spoke about NCWIT (National Center for Women and Information Technology), and the various opportunities available to girls interested in technology, such as TECHNOLOchicas, a national initiative of NCWIT and Televisa Foundation designed to raise awareness among young Latinas and their families about opportunities and careers in technology, and the Aspirations in Computing award for High School students and Educators interested in computer science. Applications open in September.

To finish the session, Jannie encouraged all girls to submit an application for the Aspiration awards, and gave some tips on how to make their application stand out:

  • Toot your horn! Highlight your accomplishments both in and out of academics

  • Talk about what you're most passionate about

  • Celebrate the things you're proud of

Media Design

In January, Rocío Almanza Guilllén joined us to talk about her experiences in Media Design. She told us about her background and education, as well as what types of projects she's been able to have lots of fun while working on as a children’s media design specialist Rocio guided the group to make a GIF, and explained that this is really just a series of stills, which tricks the eye into seeing the GIF as an animation.


Activity Instructions:

  1. Sign up at using your school Google account. You can ignore all the bluish-purple pages that appear after you first sign up. Go to Create a Design and then click on Social Media. Choose any free template.

  2. Customize the text and background area. Just click in the boxes to activate the different options to make changes. You can choose different fonts, sizes, background color, etc.

  3. Create different versions of your design. Once you’re happy with your design, click on the icon that has two squares on (right side corner of the image). A copy of your image will appear below. Change the color of the background. Repeat this step as many times as you want, changing the color of the background.

  4. Download the file. Click the button on the right upper corner of the work space that says Download. A .zip file will be downloaded to your computer. Double click on it to extract the files.

  5. Time for magic! Use Giphy or a Chrome Extension such as Make a GIF. Upload all your images, choose the speed. Usually one image per second, but you can experiment. Click finish and voilá, your GIF is ready! You can experiment by modifying font size or color or any element of your series of images using Canva.

    *If you want to learn more about graphic design, click here to open the Beginner's Challenge, as suggested by another speaker. This will show you how to use Canva’s tools and features.